Vintage Computers

  1. DEC [1979] 300 Professional series

          In conceiving the Professional 300 series, DEC designers decided that new machines must be able to perform several tasks at once, apply the same user interface, communicate efficiently and use the same software as Digital's popular mi...
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  2. No Image

    삼성 SPC-1000 에뮬레이터

    SPC-1000 emulator 1.0 2007년 2월 20일 본 버전은 source를 포함한 정식판으로, 동봉된 license.txt의 조건에 충족되는 한 재배포 및 수정이 가능합니다. 0.9버전에서의 변경 사항은 reset 시에도 남는 소리를 지우는 부분만이 추가되었습니다. 제작자 및 저...
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  3. SamSung [1982] SPC-1000 / 1000A / 1100

    The SPC-1000 is a Z80-based home computer from Samsung. This machine was developed in Korea, but built-in BASIC was written by Hudson soft in Japan. Because of its integrated tape recorder design, it looks like MZ 700 series. It has a butto...
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