Vintage Computers

  1. Seattle Computer [1979] Gazelle

    Even if you've never heard of this massive computer, the Gazelle is truly a historic computer. Neither because it was one of the first 8088, then 8086 based computer, nor because this Gazelle is propably the heaviest 8088 system ever bu...
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  2. SAGE [1983] Sage IV

    The Sage IV was a no-compromise extended version of the Sage II. There were 2 large PC boards in a SAGE IV. The first had the CPU, 2 serial ports, PIO, GPIB, floppy controller, up to 512K DRAM. This board was the same as the main board in t...
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  3. SAGE [1982] Sage II

    Sage Technology designed the Sage II around one of the fastest and most powerful chip available at the time, the Motorola MC68000, which was designed, among other things, for the implementation of high-level languages. The Sage II, didn'...
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  4. SEGA [1991] Teradrive

    What a strange computer ! It was built by IBM (like the Atari Jaguar few years later) in Japan for Sega, and was sold only there. It is an IBM PC AT compatible system mixed with a Sega Megadrive (Genesis) console. On the front panel, one ca...
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  5. SEGA [1983] SC 3000 / SC 3000H

    The SC-3000 is a computer based on the hardware of the first videogame systems released by Sega in Japan : the SG-1000 series. It can use the same game cartridges marketed for these consoles. The SC3000 can't be used without a ROM cartr...
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  6. EPSON [1982] QX 10

    The QX-10 was a robust small business computer that used tried and tested technology rather than anything too innovative. Nevertheless, it was designed to be complete in itself for both hardware and software. It had an enhanced keyboard wit...
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  7. Rockwell [1976] AIM 65

    This strange computer was designed to be a development system for 6502 based computers. It had no display except for a small 20 character LED screen and a very small thermal printer located directly on the motherboard which could print ever...
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  8. APOLLO 7 [1984] SQUALE

          The Squale was a strange computer which was sold in very small quantities. The BASIC was supplied in a cartridge. Only 28 KB were free for the user (4 KB for the monitor, 28 KB for BASIC and FLEX and 32 KB for the video memory). One o...
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  9. Alpha Micro [1982] 1000 Series

          The Alpha Micro 1000 was a line of systems based on the 68000 microprocessor. According to customer requests, each system could be configured from a single user microcomputer with 128 KB of RAM, up to a 60-users system with 3 MB of RA...
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