We have little information about this computer which was manufactured and exported by Asia Commercial Co. Ltd, a company based in Hong-Kong.

The ACC-8000 was one of the rare machine of the time to be equipped we three microprocessors: a MOS 6502, a Zilog Z80 and a Motorola 6809.

Thanks to its 6502, it was fully compatible with the Apple IIe but had built-in several features that were optional in the genuine Apple machine: a 80-column card, a floppy disk controller, a backed-up real time clock, Parallel and Serial interfaces, and 128 KB of RAM.

The ACC-8000 was also delivered with the CP/M 3.0 operating system and could run the wide range of CP/M professional software. Moreover ACC also provided the Flex OS which allowed the computer to run all the 6809/Flex based programs.

The computer was solidly built. It had a very good mechanical keyboard and several interesting features, like three different video outputs - RGB, NTSC/PAL and monochrome composite.
Oddly enough, in spite of its advanced features, this computer didn't meet any success. Nowadays, it seems to be a rare item.  


NAME   8000
TYPE   Professional Computer
ORIGIN   Hong Kong
YEAR   1983
KEYBOARD   Full stroke keyboard, 78 keys with numeric keypad and arrow keys
CPU   MOS 6502, Zilog Z80, Motorola 6809
SPEED   1 Mhz (6502), other CPU unknown
RAM   128 KB
ROM   16 KB (AppleSoft BASIC and CP/M BIOS)
TEXT MODES   40 or 80 columns x 25 lines
GRAPHIC MODES   40 x 40-48 (16 col), 280 x 160-192 (6 col), 560 x 160-192 (2 col)
SOUND   Built-in 1 channel loudspeaker
SIZE / WEIGHT   46.5 (W) x 34.5 (D) x 19.5 (H) cm (Main unit + FD unit)
I/O PORTS   Pal/NTSC, RGB, Composite video, 2 x FDD, Parallel, Serial
BUILT IN MEDIA   2 x DD/SD 5.25'' floppy drives
OS   DOS 3.3, CP/M, Flex
POWER SUPPLY   Built-in switching PSU + fan
PRICE   Unknown



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