The FM 77 AV was an impressive system in 1985. It's a good example of what was developped in Japan and we never heard of in the rest of the world. 

The system has great audio and video features, hence the AV for "Audio and Video". It can display 640 x 200 pixels in two colors, or 320 x 200 in 4096 colors ! There is even a multipage mode where you can define two 460 x 200 screens with 8 colors each, or six 640 x 200 monochrome screens ! 

There are a lot of graphical symbols already stored in memory (each symbol / letter is composed by 8 x 8 pixels) : 69 alphanumeric symbols, 63 kakatana signs, 63 hiragana signs and 62 graphic symbols. Moreover, the system is capable of displaying 3418 chinese and asiatic characters with a 16 x 16 character matrix (text resolution is thus of 40 x 12). 

Last but not least, the FM 77 AV offers superimposition features...
On the sound side, it offers three FM voices and three more PSG voices. Other cool features include infra-red keyboard and built-in real time clock. 

There were two models : the AV-1 which has one 3.5" disk-drive (double density) built-in and the AV-2 which is equiped with two of these drives. 




TYPE   Home Computer
ORIGIN   Japan
YEAR   1985
KEYBOARD   Infra red professional keyboard with numeric keypad, 100 keys, JIS standard
CPU   MBL 68B09E x 2
RAM   128 kb (up to 192 kb)
VRAM   96 kb
ROM   72 kb (in which 32 kb are used to store the F-BASIC)
TEXT MODES   40 x 20, 40 x 25, 80 x 20, 80 x 25 (8 colors each)
Letter matrix : 8 x 8
GRAPHIC MODES   640 x 200 (2 colors), 320 x 200 (4096 colors)
Multipaging possibilities
COLORS   4096
SOUND   3 FM channels + 3 PSG channels
SIZE / WEIGHT   Main unit : 363 (W) x 380 (D) x 101.5 (H) mm
Keyboard : 410 (W) x 192 (D) x 38 (H) mm
I/O PORTS   RGB analog video output, RGB TTL video output, Parallel/Centronics interface, Tape-recorder interface (1600 baud), two joystick ports, 4 expansion ports
BUILT IN MEDIA   3.5'' disk-drive (DD, 320 kb), one for the AV-1, and two for the AV-2 model.
PRICE   FM 77 AV-1 : 128,000 Yen (Japan, 1985)
FM 77 AV-2 : 158,000 Yen (Japan, 1985)


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